Sunday, December 27, 2009

Links & Reviews

Slightly abbreviated this week since I'm still on the road - I'll catch up with any missed reviews/&c. next Sunday.

- Here's what we need: a bookstore night! Buenos Aires has one, as reported by NPR this week.

- Writing for "History Now," Joanne Freeman reminds us of violence in Congresses past. [h/t Dan Cohen]

- At the AAS blog, an introduction their Printers' File, a 134-drawer collection of data on American printers.

- From McSweeney's, the Gutenberg Christmas Catalogue, 1608.

- Sarah at Wynken de Worde lists her "most influential book history tools of the decade."

- The Little Professor reviews the new "Sherlock Holmes" movie.


- Peter Ackroyd's The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein: review by Clea Simon in the Boston Globe.

- Gordon Wood's The Empire of Liberty: review by Mark Noll in Books & Culture.

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