Sunday, September 26, 2010

Links & Reviews

- This coming Thursday, 29 September, the Ticknor Society will host author Katherine Wolff for a talk, "Boston's Early Bibliophiles and Their Athenaeum." Info here.

- From today's Globe, an interesting piece on slavery in the American north, including comments on several recent books.

- Houghton Library launched a new special collections request system this week.

- There's a new issue up of "Republics of Letters" (in fact it's been out for a while, but I just noticed. Sorry about that).

- A new blog from the ABAA. I've added a sidebar link.

- SHARP has started a LibraryThing account, where they'll be listing books of interest to members.

- Ron Chernow, writing in the Times, comments on the Tea Party's attempt to claim the imprimatur of the founding generation.

- Browse through the CUNY Digital Humanities Guide when you've got some time; there's some amazing stuff there.

- More than forty of Garth Williams' original illustrations for Charlotte's Web (including the image used for the cover) will be sold at Heritage Auction's 15 October sale.

- In today's Globe, an interview with John Hodgman - not surprisingly, much of it is about books.

- Google Books staffers want you to report books that come up in GBS searches that should be full-view, but aren't. And it actually looks like they're being fairly responsive. This probably would have been more useful several years ago, but maybe better late than never?

- The BBC's documentary on Raymond Scott will be aired in the US by Smithsonian Networks.

- Many headlines this week about a bawdy poem supposedly by John Milton - but, funnily enough, the actual scholars working on the project pretty much reject the idea that Milton had anything to do with it.

- Big news from Zotero this week as they officially announced Zotero Everywhere (which promises to be awesome).

- Oak Knoll Fest XVI: Celebrating the Book Arts, Artists' Books and Fine Press Printing will be held 1-3 October. Info here.

- The New England Archivists will meet on 5-6 November in Keene, NH (theme: Looking Inward/Looking Outward: Changing Roles and Expectations in Archival Settings). Info here.


- Eric Jay Dolin's Fur, Fortune, and Empire; review by Kirk Davis Swinehart in the WaPo.

- Ron Chernow's Washington: A Life; review by Jill Lepore in the New Yorker.

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