Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Farewells

The biblio-universe lost more than a few men and women of great importance this year. I'm sure I've missed some, so please feel free to add them in comments, or email me and I'll update the post.

- P.K. Page, d. 14 January. Canadian poet. Victoria Times-Columnist Obit.

- Erich Segal, d. 17 January. Novelist, screenwriter. NYTimes Obit.

- Robert B. Parker, d 18 January. Mystery writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Louis Auchincloss, d. 26 January. Writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Howard Zinn, d. 27 January. Historian. NYTimes Obit.

- J.D. Salinger, d 27 January. Reclusive novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Ralph McInerny, d. 29 January. Scholar, mystery writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Kage Baker, d. 31 January. Science-fiction writer. Tor Books Obit.

- David Severn (David Storr Unwin), d. 11 February. British childrens' book author. Sunday Times Obit.

- Lucille Clifton, d. 13 February. Poet. Buffalo News Obit.

- Dick Francis, d. 14 February. Thriller writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Barry Hannah, d. 1 March. Novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Frank Shuffelton, d. 4 March. Jefferson scholar, editor. Univ. of Rochester Obit.

- John Schoenherr, d. 8 April. Illustrator of childrens' books. NYTimes Obit.

- Nina Bourne, d. 9 April. Poet, publisher. NYTimes Obit.

- Edgard Bellefontaine, d. 24 April. Law librarian. Boston Globe Obit.

- Alan Sillitoe, d. 25 April. British novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Harold Berliner, d. 26 April. Fine printer. Union Obit.

- Bruce Ferrini, d. 11 May. Rare book dealer. Beacon Journal Obit.

- Ruth Chew, d. 13 May. Childrens' book author. WaPo Obit.

- José Saramago, d. 18 June. Portuguese novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Beryl Bainbridge, d. 2 July. British novelist. Telegraph Obit.

- Harvey Pekar, d. 12 July. Comic-book writer. Cleveland Plain Dealer Obit.

- Cécile Aubry, d. 19 July. French children's story writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Daniel Schorr, d. 23 July. Reporter, news columnist. NYTimes Obit.

- Toby Holtzman, d. 31 July. Book collector and supporter of libraries. Detroit Media Obit; Nick Basbanes tribute.

- James J. Kopp, d 5 August. Librarian and collector of Looking Backward. Oregon Live Obit.

- Richard Conroy, d. 6 August. Memoirist and mystery writer. Washington Post Obit.

- Tony Judt, d. 6 August. Historian and essayist. NYTimes Obit.

- Ron Offen, d. 9 August. Poet and editor of Free Lunch. Chicago Sun-Times Obit.

- Sir Frank Kermode, d. 17 August. Literary critic, Shakespeare scholar. NYTimes Obit.

- Edwin George Moran, d. 18 August. Poet, national poet of Scotland. Telegraph Obit.

- Vince Bourjaily, d. 31 August. Novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- David Thompson, d. 13 September. Bookseller, publisher. Houston Chronicle Obit.

- Peter Reddick, d. 28 September. Illustrator and wood-engraver. Independent Obit.

- Belva Plain, d. 12 October. Novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Julian Roberts, d. 20 October. Librarian, bibliographer. Independent Obit.

- Frank Turner, d. 11 November. Yale librarian and historian. Yale Daily Bulletin Obit.

- Michael Samuels, d. 24 November. Philologist. Guardian Obit.

- David Becker, d. 26 November. Print historian/collector, curator. Portland Press-Herald Obit.

- Bella Akhmadulina, d. 29 November. Russian poet. NYTimes Obit.

- Locke Morrisey, d. 14 December. University librarian. Gleeson Library tribute page.

- E. Gene Smith, d. 18 December. Collector of Tibetan books. NYTimes Obit.

- Morris L. Cohen, d. 18 December. Legal bibliographer, librarian. NYTimes Obit.

- Jacqueline de Romilly, d. 18 December. Philologist, classical scholar. LATimes Obit.

- Elisabeth Beresford, d. 24 December. Writer, Wombles creator. Guardian Obit.

- Denis Dutton, d. 28 December. Founder and editor of "Arts & Letters Daily." AP Obit. NYTimes Obit.


KarraCrow said...

If you'd like a link for a Kage Baker, here's the obit post they put up on

Unknown said...

In your list, you list David Thompson as Michael Thompson. He was a tremendous supporter of authors and publishing, and will be missed.


JBD said...

Added, and corrected. Thank you both!