Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Farewells

The biblio-universe lost more than a few men and women of great importance this year. I'm sure I've missed some, so please feel free to add them in comments, or email me and I'll gladly update the post.

- Bella Jozef, d. January. Brazilian literary scholar. Guardian Obit.

- Dick King-Smith, d. 4 January. British childrens' book author. Guardian Obit.

- Flo Gibson, d. 7 January. Audiobook reader extraordinaire. NYTimes Obit.

- Ruth Cavin, d. 9 January. Editor, publisher. Boston Globe Obit.

- John Gross, d. 10 January. Literary scholar; TLS editor. Guardian Obit.

- Joe Gores, d. 10 January. Mystery writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Sun Axelsson, d. 14 January. Swedish poet, novelist. SvD Obit.

- Romulus Linney, d. 15 January. Playwright. NYTimes Obit.

- Wilfrid Sheed, d. 19 January. Novelist; memoirist. NYTimes Obit.

- Reynolds Price, d. 20 January. Novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- F.A. Nettelbeck, d. 20 January. Poet. Obit.

- R.F. Langley, d. 26 January. Poet; diarist. Guardian Obit.

- Diana Norman (aka Ariana Franklin), d. 27 January. Journalist; novelist. Guardian Obit.

- Brian Jacques, d. 5 February. Childrens' author. NYTimes Obit.

- Margaret K. McElderry, d. 14 February. Childrens' book editor. NYTimes Obit.

- Perry Moore, d. 17 February. Young adult novelist; movie producer. NYTimes Obit.

- Jay Landesman, d. 20 February. Beat writer; editor. NYTimes Obit.

- Manny Fried, d. 25 February. Playwright. Buffalo News Obit.

- Hazel Rowley, d. 1 March. Biographer. NYTimes Obit.

- May Cutler, d. 3 March. Canadian author and publisher. Star Obit.

- Steven Kroll, d. 8 March. Childrens' author. NYTimes Obit.

- Gabriel Laderman, d. 10 March. Artist; bibliophile. NYTimes Obit.

- Raymond Garlick, d. 19 March. Poet; critic. Independent Obit.

- Diana Wynne-Jones, d. 26 March. Children's author. Guardian Obit.

- H.R.F. Keating, d. 27 March. Crime writer. Guardian Obit.

- Peter B. Howard, d. 31 March. Antiquarian bookseller. Berkleyside Obit.

- Craig Thomas, d. 4 April. Welsh Novelist. WalesOnline Obit.

- Arthur Marx, d. 14 April. Writer; playwright. LATimes Obit.

- Gonzalo Rojas, d. 25 April. Chilean poet. Telegraph Obit.

- Joanna Russ, d. 29 April. Science fiction writer. Locus Online Obit.

- Ernesto Sabato, d. 30 April. Argentine novelist/essayist. Independent Obit.

- Kate Swift, d. 7 May. Writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Newton Thornburg, d. 9 May. Novelist. Independent Obit.

- Trevor Howard-Hill, d. 1 June. Bibliographer. Independent Obit.

- Lilian Jackson Braun, d. 4 June. Mystery writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Jorge SemprĂșn, d. 7 June. Spanish novelist/screenwriter. NYTimes Obit.

- Patrick Leigh Fermor, d. 10 June. British travel writer. NYTimes Obit.

- Iain Blair (Emma Blair), d. 3 July. Scottish romance novelist. Telegraph Obit.

- Geraint Bowen, d. 16 July. Welsh post. Independent Obit.

- Hilary Evans, d. 27 July. Author; illustration librarian. Guardian Obit.

- L.A. Banks, d. 2 August. Novelist.

- Price Berkley, d. 21 August. Founder/publisher of Theatrical Index. NYTimes Obit.

- Sue Allen, d. 25 August. Rare Book School faculty member; expert on American publisher's bindings. Ex-Libris announcement.

- Ruth Thomas, d. 25 August. British novelist. Guardian Obit.

- Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, d. 26 August. Novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- William B. Todd, d. 27 August. Bibliophile/bibliographer. Austin American-Statesman Obit.

- Michael Hart, d. 6 September. Project Gutenberg founder. NYTimes Obit.

- Richard Landon, d. 5 October. Director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto. University of Toronto Obit.

- Milded Savage, d. 7 October. Novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Stanley Mitchell, d. 16 October. Translator. Independent Obit.

- Morris Philipson, d. 3 November. Director of Chicago University Press. NYTimes Obit.

- Les Daniels, d. 5 November. Comic book historian. NYTimes Obit.

- Barbara Grier, d. 10 November. Publisher. NYTimes Obit.

- Ruth Stone, d. 19 November. Poet. NYTimes Obit.

- Anne McCaffrey, d. 21 November. Science-fiction novelist. NYTimes Obit.

- Christa Wolf, d. 1 December. German writer.

- Christopher Logue, d. 2 December. Poet. Economist Obit.

- Russell Hoban, d. 13 December. Novelist; childrens' book author. Guardian Obit.

- George Whitman, d. 14 December. Founder of Paris bookstore Shakespeare & Co. NYTimes Obit.

- Christopher Hitchens, d. 15 December. Writer; commentator. NYTimes Obit.

- Emmett L. Bennett, Jr., d 15 December. Classicist who deciphered Linear B. NYTimes Obit.

- Vaclav Havel, d. 18 December. Czech playwright. AP Obit.

- Simms Taback, d 25 Decemer. Children's book illustrator. NYTimes Obit.


Anthony Tedeschi said...

Trevor Howard-Hill, d. 1 June. Compiler of the Index of British Literary Bibliography (1969-2009), editor of the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (1994-2011), and pioneer in literary computing.

Obituary in the Independent:

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Oh, I forgot about Brian Jacques.

Also for the list:
Diana Wynne Jones, d. 26 March. Children's Author. Guardian Obit.

JBD said...

Thanks - both added! I can't believe I forgot THH, I could have sworn he was in there already.

dcmurrayb said...

Christa Wolf, d. 1 Dec 2011, German writer