Sunday, December 18, 2011

Links & Reviews

- Don't miss the short YouTube video taken at last month's Boston Book Fair!

- Sotheby's London had planned to include an extensive archive of Naguib Mahfouz material in their Thursday sale, but an outcry from Mahfouz family members and others forced them to pull the lot.

- The Telegraph reports on the sale of that unpublished Charlotte Brontë miniature manuscript, which went to Paris' Musée des Lettres et Manucrits even though the Brontë Parsonage Museum had pulled together a £600,000 bid.

- Rare books and manuscripts were reportedly damaged when the historic Institute of Egypt building near Cairo caught fire during protests yesterday. The culture minister called the fire "a catastrophe for science."

- I'm very much looking forward to listening to the panels and keynotes from the "Humanities in a Digital Age" symposium, held at UVA this fall. The talks are now available as podcasts.

- At The Collation, Heather Wolfe has a great post about "manuscript reunions."

- The Vatican Library has announced that it will be scanning 80,000 of its manuscripts.

- Cambridge University has digitized a notebook written by Isaac Newton while at Trinity College in the 1660s. Also see Cory Doctorow's BoingBoing post about copyright claims.

- Matthew Reisz wrote about digital humanities in the THE this week.

- An important new article from the Electronic British Library Journal, "The Library Catalogues of Sir Hans Sloane: Their Authors, Organization, and Functions" by Amy Blakeway [PDF].


- Kate Chisholm's Wits & Wives: Dr. Johnnson in the Company of Women; review by Ophelia Field in the Telegraph.

- Anthony Horowitz's The House of Silk; review at The Little Professor.

- P.D. James' Death Comes to Pemberley; review by Liesl Schillinger in the NYTimes.

- David O. Stewart's American Emperor; review by Joyce Appleby in the Washington Post.

- Umberto Eco's The Prague Cemetery; review by Nick Owchar in the LATimes.

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