Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Week's Acquisitions

Bit of a hodgepodge this week: publisher sales mostly, with a review copy or two:

- The Rector and the Rogue by W.A. Swanberg (Collins Library, 2011). Publisher.

- Read Hard: Five Years of Great Writing from The Believer; edited by Ed Park and Heidi Julavits (McSweeney's, 2009). Publisher.

- The Odd Clauses: Understanding the Constitution Through Ten of Its Most Curious Provisions by Jay Wexler (Beacon Press, 2011). Publisher.

- God's Plagiarist: Being an Account of the Fabulous Industry and Irregular Commerce of the Abbé Migne by R. Howard Bloch (University of Chicago Press, 1995). Publisher.

- A General History of Quadrupeds: The Figures Engraved on Wood by Thomas Bewick (University of Chicago Press, 2009). Publisher.

- Image in Print: Book Illustration in Late Medieval England and its Sources by Martha W. Driver (British Library, 2004). Publisher.

- A Continental Shelf: Books across Europe from Ptolemy to Don Quixote (Bodleian Library, 2005). Publisher.

- Terra Incognita: Mapping the Antipodes before 1600 by Alfred Hiatt (University of Chicago Press, 2008). Publisher.

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