Sunday, February 05, 2012

Links & Reviews

- AP reported this week that Barry Landau may change his plea to guilty at a re-arraignment hearing on Tuesday.

- The new issue of Common-place focuses on science in early America, and as usual contains a great selection of must-read articles. Take your time, read 'em all!

- Over at the ABAA blog, they've posted the video of Michael Dirda's recent talk at the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest awards reception, "The Serendipitous Pleasures of Book Collecting."

- In the Guardian, a report on new efforts to once and for all identify the perpetrators of the infamous Piltdown hoax.

- The "You've Got Mail" feature from Houghton this week is a René Descartes letter to Marin Mersenne.

- From the Collation this week, a newly-identified Margaret Cavendish presentation copy.

- Another of the ABAA's bookseller interviews is up, this one with Bob Fleck of Oak Knoll Books.

- At Typefoundry, a new look at Jean Jannon's types.

- William Hale of the Incunabula Project posts some unidentified provenance marks from early books: can you help?


- Toby Lester's Da Vinci's Ghost; review by Jonathan Lopez in the NYTimes.

- Cullen Murphy's God's Jury; review by Noel Malcolm in the Telegraph.

- Three recent "Downton Abbey"-related books, reviewed by Judith Newman in the NYTimes.

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