Sunday, February 12, 2012

Links & Reviews

I'm sure I missed lots of things this week since I was away from the computer every day, but here are a few goodies for you:

- Nate Pedersen is reporting on the California Antiquarian Book Fair: Day 1, Day 2.

- David Whitesell notes a nice new AAS acquisition, an 1865 book on the imposition of formes.

- Adam Hooks reports on a recent biblio-conference at Cornell College, and sends along a version of Rachel Stevenson's paper from the meeting.

- John Overholt found an interesting book in the Houghton stacks this week, and, Googling, found this great article on the book.

- Kwasi Kwarteng discussed his new book Ghosts of Empire on NPR.

- Robert Darnton was among the winners of the National Humanities Medal, announced this week.

- From Biblioguerilla, monsters!

- An important Mendel manuscript has been returned to the Czech Republic.


- Trea Martyn's Queen Elizabeth in the Garden; review by Miranda Seymour in the NYTimes.

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