Sunday, February 19, 2012

Links & Reviews

- In the NYTimes magazine this week, a profile of papermaker (and Rare Book School faculty member) Timothy Barrett.

- Timothy Smith, who was accused of stealing some fifty rare books from the widow of book collector Carter Burden, was sentenced this week, and will serve 1-3 years in prison. Back in June 2010 he'd entered a not guilty plea in relation to the charges, but later admitted that he'd taken the books (though maintaining, apparently, that he thought he had permission to do so).

- The SEA "new releases" page is recently updated with lots of new books of interest to early Americanists (and book historians).

- Gandhi's personal library, housed at a library in Ahmedabad, is in a sorry state, according to a recent report. Almost half the books have gone missing, and others desperately need conversation work.

- From Booktryst, a good rundown of the California International Book Fair, held last week in Pasadena.

- Oak Knoll's Rob Fleck is the latest young bookseller interviewed for the FB&C "Bright Young Things" series.

- Over on the AAS blog, they've got a short video up highlighting Curator of Newspapers Vince Golden's ongoing hunt for additions to the AAS collections. And also from AAS this week, some well-deserved recognition for Philip Lampi, who's been doing great work collecting and compiling the results of early American elections.

- A new exhibit from the University of Otago, "The Gentleman's Magazine: the 18th Century Answer to Google."


- Stuart Bennett's A Perfect Visit; review by Rebecca Rego Barry at the Fine Books Blog.

- Gregg Jones' Honor in the Dust; review by Candice Millard in the NYTimes.

- Natalie Dykstra's Clover Adams: A Life; review by Patricia O'Toole in the WSJ.

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