Sunday, September 26, 2021

Links & Auctions

- Another missing books alert from the ABAA, of some volumes currently missing in transit. See their post for a list and some images.

- Some new material from SHARP: a Special Topics Bibliography on Africa, Shef Rogers on "SHARP, BSA, BSANZ and the Place of Book History," and a new tranche of posts in the "SHARP in the Classroom" series.

- Over on the Clements Library blog, "A nesting doll of copies."

- A really fascinating provenance mystery post from the Middle Temple Library blog, featuring a 1485 volume of Arabic astronomy with what appears to be something like a bookseller's inventory bound in as front endpapers.

- The Gilgamesh Dream Tablet was formally handed back to Iraq on Thursday. And there is an update on the Dirk Obbink story in the NYTimes.

- From TEXT!, "Books annotations and loose papers."

- Registration for this year's Schoenberg Symposium, focused on "Loss," is now open; it will be held from 17–19 November.

Upcoming Auctions

- Poètes & Écrivains des XIXe–XXe Siècles at Aguttes (Aristophil 44) at Aguttes on 27 September.

Autographs & Art, from Van Gogh to Hendrix at University Archives on 29 September.

- Fine Gold Books, Clubs & Memorabilia at PBA Galleries on 29 September.

- Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions on 30 September.

- Printed & Manuscript Americana at Swann Galleries on 30 September.

- Miniature Books with Books to Benefit the Miniature Book Society on 30 September.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Links & Auctions

- A major theft from the Robert M. Ervin Jr. Collection at Florida State University's Special Collections & Archives was announced this week. Some 4,996 items are believed to have been stolen between 17 March 2020 and 10 February 2021. See the ABAA post for a notice and a spreadsheet of the items known to be missing, and for relevant contact information.

- Next up on Getman's Virtual, the Virtual Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, 23–26 September and Rare Books LA, 30 September–3 October.

- From Julie Swierczek at The Collation, "The Folger G.K. Hall Catalogs, or How to fit an entire card catalog on your bookshelf."

 - Brewster Kahle is profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Upcoming Auctions

- Rare Books, Manuscripts, Maps & Photographs at Lyon & Turnbull on 22 September.

- The Library at Howth Castle at Fonsie Mealy's on 22–23 September.

- De Cranach à Picasso (Aristophil 43) at Aguttes on 23 September.

- Books and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions on 23 September.

- Rare Books, Autographs & Maps at Doyle on 23 September.

- Books and Manuscripts at Freeman's on 23 September.

- September Auction at Arader Galleries on 25 September.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Links & Auctions

- Continuing through 12 September, the ABAA Virtual Book Fair: New York Edition.

- The Virtual Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair is next on Getman's Virtual, 23–26 September.

- Thanks to Anthony Tedeschi for sending along a fascinating story from Stuff about the peregrinations of the typescript of Janet Frame's Owls Do Cry.

- Over on Early Modern Female Book Ownership, V.M. Braganza looks at a copy of the Shakespeare Fourth Folio bearing the signature of Charlotte Rowe, daughter of editor Nicholas Rowe.

- From Adam Smyth at TEXT!, "Inventories."

- John Levy writes on the LC's blog, "Of Pemmican and Polariscopes: the 1860 Eclipse Expeditions."

- At The Collation, "Paper Trades," by Caroline Duroselle-Melish, and "Unsung Travelers: A History of Global Mobility from Below" by Ananya Chakravarti.

- Eric Ensley is in the "Bright Young Librarians" spotlight this week.

Upcoming Auctions

- The Exceptional Literature Collection of Theodore B. Baum: Part One at Christie's New York on 14 September.

- Travel & Exploration at Bonhams London on 14 September.

- Early Music: Rare Music Manuscripts, Printed Music and Books from the Library of Arnold Dolmetsch (1858–1940) at Sotheby's London ends on 14 September.

- Fine Books & Ephemera at New England Book Auctions ends on 14 September.

- Fine Books and Manuscripts at Bonhams London on 15 September.

- Fine Books – Fine Press – Fine Bindings – With a Taste of Golf at PBA Galleries on 16 September.

- The Exceptional Literature Collection of Theodore B. Baum: Part Two at Christie's New York ends on 17 September.

Monday, September 06, 2021

Links & Auctions

- The ABAA Virtual Book Fair: New York Edition is coming up 9–12 September.

- Oak Knoll Fest XXI will now be held virtually, 28–30 October.

- The Beinecke Library has released results of new scientific analysis of the Vinland Map, and surprise surprise, it's a fake! 

- In Apollo magazine, Michael Prodger on the new addition to the Lambeth Palace Library building.

- Alison Flood has an update in the Guardian on recent research into the Merlin manuscript fragments identified in 2019 in the Bristol central library's collections.

- Julian Harrison writes for the BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog on "Richard III: Fact and Fiction."

- Over on the Princeton Graphic Arts Collection blog, "Color separation for Scribner's Magazine 1905," "Perry's 'Narrative' and the battle between its printers," and the news that the blog is being retired.

- The University of St Andrews blog has the fourth and final installment in their series on the USTC: Gender and the Book Trades conference.

- From the Conveyor, a look at the Bodleian Bibliographical Press, and "Locating material for the material history of the book."

- Congratulations to John Y. Cole, who retires from the Library of Congress this month. The LOC blog has a Q&A with John.

Upcoming Auctions

- 19th & 20th Century Photographs at Chiswick Auctions on 7 September.

- Literature, Graphics, Ephemera at New England Auctions on 7 September.

- Original Film Posters at Sotheby's London on 7 September.

- Printed Books, Maps & Autographs, 20th Century Photography at Dominic Winter Auctioneers on 8–9 September.

- Modern Illustrated Books and Private Press at Forum Auctions on 9 September.

- Rare Books, Manuscripts & Ephemera on 11 September and the Bookworm Sale on 12 September at Addison & Sarova.