Sunday, November 12, 2006

Book Review: "A Spectacle of Corruption"

A Spectacle of Corruption is David Liss' sequel to the excellent A Conspiracy of Paper, and includes appearances by many of the same characters. In Spectacle, Liss ably tackles the knotty mess that was British politics in the early Hanoverian era: Whigs, Tories, Jacobite plots, rough-housing at the polls, &c. Benjamin Weaver works to clear his name of an undeserved murder conviction against the backdrop of a contested parliamentary election in which he finds himself unwillingly tangled.

I'm hard-pressed to say whether I liked this one or Conspiracy better - I think just for the excellent coverage of political intrigue this one has the edge. Both, however, make for excellent reading (as does their companion, The Coffee Trader, which I reviewed here). Recommended.

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