Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nice Online Audubon Exhibit

As regular readers will probably know, I'm somewhat obsessed with the works of John James Audubon, and am always looking for news and such related to him and/or his art. I came across an interesting link this morning in a piece about artwork that technologically-talented folks have set to motion (which is quite interesting by itself and I intend to take some time later to play with the other links the author includes).

A few years ago, Le Musee de la Civilisation in France mounted an online exhibit of Audubon's Birds of America, allowing users to scroll through the 435 plates and get some background on the work and the birds. As part of that, they also included twelve animations, which vary widely in feel and technique (some are more slideshows, others put parts of the plates themselves in motion). All are worth watching. My particular favorites are "Wavy" (the swan) and "Frailty" (with the ivory-billed woodpecker).

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