Friday, November 10, 2006

A Bookish Challenge

I often try the "Weekend Edition" puzzlers ... and almost never can come up with the right answers. This week was a true rarity when the solution came to me - thought I'd toss it out there for all of you to take a stab at as well.

"Take the word lather. Rearrange the letters and repeat them as often as necessary to name a famous literary work in 16 letters. Hint: The title of this literary work has three words, one of which is hyphenated. Name this famous literary work."

The deadline's passed for real submissions, but if you come up with it, feel free to post a comment.


Ed said...

Would that be Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart?" I usually can't figure out the answers, as well, but the clue really helped with this one. I also blogged about Poe last week, so I guess I had Poe on my brain.


JBD said...

Well done! I think the only reason I got it was that I was thinking "The" ought to be the first word, and then the rest popped into my head (quite possibly because of your recent Poe-posting, actually!).