Thursday, July 12, 2007

Book Review: "The Big Over Easy"

Before I delve into Jasper Fforde's newest Thursday Next novel (First Among Sequels) I thought I'd read The Big Over Easy (2005), the first installment in his Nursery Crimes series. This one centers on the Nursery Crime Division's investigation into the untimely death of Humperdinck (Humpty) Jehoshaphat Aloysius Stuyvesant van Dumpty, who is, naturally, found smashed at the base of his favorite wall. Of course, things are not ever quite as they seem ...

The Big Over Easy is Fforde at his usual level of wittiness, brilliant allusion, and hilarity. His novels are sort of brain candy for readers, chock full of little puns and references from around the world of literature. Good solid fun all around.

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