Monday, October 15, 2007

More on "Processus Contra Templarios"

Since my post on the news that the Vatican will be publishing an edition of Processus Contra Templarios has proven rather popular, I thought I'd better provide a small update I just read. The BBC reports today that 800 copies of the text will be created: one copy is to be presented to Pope Benedict XVI, "while most of the remaining 799 copies of this luxury limited edition have already been reserved by libraries and collectors around the world."

The book, which is being produced by Scrinium, will be "printed on synthetic parchment, comes complete with a reproduction of the original papal wax seal, and is packaged in a soft leather case together with a scholarly commentary. Each copy will cost just over 5,900 euros ($8,000; £3,925)."

No word yet on if or when a trade edition of this text will be made available.