Friday, October 05, 2007

Vatican to Publish Templar Manuscript

The Vatican Secret Archive has announced that it will publish Processus contra Templarios, a book which will include details of a recently-discovered manuscript which scholars say exonerates the Knights Templar. The Chinon Parchment, found in the Archive six years ago "after years of being incorrectly filed" is "a record of the heresy hearings of the Templars before Pope Clement V in the 14th Century."

Professor Barbara Frale, who found the Chinon manuscript, says that it contains detailed information of the Knights' confessions before the Pope, but also reveals that because the confessions were found to have been obtained by torture, "
the Pope was obliged to ask for pardons" from the Knights.

Processus contra Templarios, which will be limited to an edition of 799 copies, is to be released on 25 October.

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Anonymous said...

This appears to be the official response to an appeal by modern-day followers of the Templar tradition.

A letter to the Pope from living descendents of the Templars appeared in the press in 2004. "We shall witness the 700th anniversary of the persecution of our order on 13th October 2007," the letter said. "It would be just and fitting for the Vatican to acknowledge our grievance in advance of this day of mourning."

On 25 October 2007, exactly 13 days from the morning of the anniversary, an official document will be released by the Vatican absolving the Knights Templar and confirming their innocence.

Full story with sources and additional reading material:

Unknown said...

Does anyone know which US libraries will receive copies and/or if English translations will become available?

JBD said...

Robin - I've not heard about whether US libraries will get copies, but I'd assume at least a few will. No word yet on an English translation either, but again I'd guess someone will be interested in putting one together. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to post on it.

Don't Forget said...

I think I get to buy one...What do you think it will be worth?

Holley said...

Our library, Lambuth University, has a copy. We will be showing it on display on the last week on March. We are in Jackson, TN. The edition is bilingual so that you can read the manuscript in English. The official date for the press conference is March 28 1:30

bugsymalone42 said...


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