Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Philadelphia Poet Dies

The Philly Inquirer [title typo fixed] ran an obituary on Sunday for Herschel Baron, a poet and retired mechanical engineer who died recently at the age of 94. "The bantam retiree, a familiar character in Philadelphia poetry circles for more than 20 years, was hard to miss with his shock of white hair and beard, rakish Greek fisherman's cap, pipe (he owned 300 pipes), and tweed jacket as he walked the streets of the city. He was one of the original residents of the William Penn House, a Center City cooperative, and his home was crammed with more than 5,000 books."

Read the whole piece here.


PD said...

The newspaper in Philadelphia is the "Inquirer". The Enquirer is the tabloid you buy at the supermarket.

JBD said...

I've fixed the typo. Sorry for the error.

T.J. Gillespie said...

Thanks for this posting. I missed the original obit, but I am glad to have found your posting.