Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quill & Brush Acquire Comstock Books

Scott Brown reports that Quill & Brush (owned by Allen and Pat Ahearn) have acquired and are beginning to sell books from the collection of murdered bibliophile Rolland Comstock.

In an e-newsletter, the Ahearns write "We have recently picked up a few thousand books--most of which are signed--from the estate of collector Rolland Comstock, who lived just outside the city of Springfield, Missouri. Rolland was an avid collector who was rumored to have 50,000 first editions. As best we could tell, he had 35 to 40,000 firsts and 10 to 15,000 magazines. Impressive by any account."

Some of the books are being sold now as "author collections" while a catalog of additional individual items is being prepared. The collections are not being listed on the web, so if interested, you'll have to subscribe to the email list.

There have not been any breakthroughs in the investigation of Comstock's murder.

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