Monday, April 07, 2008

Lopresti on Brubaker Thefts

Rob Lopresti, the government information library at Western Washington University responsible for cracking the Brubaker case, has a first-hand account of the events leading up to Brubaker's arrest in a post at Criminal Brief. It includes photos of some of the books mutilated by Brubaker, and Lopresti notes that their investigation revealed that at least 648 maps, charts, illustrations &c. from 105 volumes had been snatched.

Lopresti notes that he believes Brubaker managed to get himself locked into the library overnight, before the facility improved security to prevent that from occurring. He also includes some fascinating and frankly incredibly depressing details about how hard it was to get the feds involved with the case, even though it was clear that Brubaker had been selling stolen property and transporting it across state lines.

He promises more, too, so stayed tuned.

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