Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recent Catalogues

- I got a chance to browse through Stuart Bennett's fiftieth catalogue: Unique? A Catalogue of Apparently Unrecorded or Unlocated English and American Books, Pamphlets and Broadsides printed between 1670 and 1851. Some really interest offerings, including the 'lost' first edition of Ann Fisher's An Accurate New Spelling Dictionary (1772) and some neat little chapbooks.

- Helen R. Kahn's Catalogue 73: Voyages and Travels is now available for browsing.

- Margolis & Moss offer a catalogue of 19th-century American imprints: "266 books, pamphlets and ephemeral items, published in the United States during the 19th century. An eclectic mix, the annotated catalog includes works on physical culture, letter-writing, school texts, theater, photography, literature, children's books, history, politics, etiquette, economics, theology, book-keeping, travel, the conduct of life, and much more." Free to interested librarians; drop them an email.

- The good folks at Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts announced a text-only Civil War list yesterday [PDF].

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