Friday, April 18, 2008

viaLibri Grows

With the addition of several new search sources, has laid claim to the title of "the world's largest internet marketplace for old and rare books. ... Searches performed on viaLibri will now reach the combined inventories of over 20,000 online booksellers with combined inventories of over 150 million books. The most significant increase in this number comes from newly enabled access to used and collectible book listings from five different Amazon sites. Books from the American, Canadian, British, French and German versions of Amazon are all now included in viaLibri search results."

Founder Jim Hinck says of the additions "From the beginning, our goal has been to make viaLibri the most comprehensive internet resource for anyone searching for old and rare books. With the addition of these four new sites we are confident that we have achieved that goal. The collectors who use us regularly should be pleased to see their nets now cast even further across the internet. But even those who are just looking for a reasonable copy of an out-of-print book will find that viaLibri now gives them the most comprehensive results available on the internet. Or anywhere else for that matter."

I've begun using viaLibri regularly now instead of AddAll, and these improvements can only serve to make an excellent site even better.

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peterway said...

Jiremy Dibbell,

look at website as listed on ViaLibri - I am working with Jim trying to make ViaLibri an even larger forum or a database for researching early books etc by publishing on my website lengthy discriptions and also critical articles on important collections of early books and marginalia etc -see descriptions of items 1,2,and 4along with the article examining the marginal texts by Luther: "A New View" There is a need for such a scholarly network when dealing with important collections of early books and Mss. along with early marginalia and inscriptions -Yours - Peter Way