Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cool New AAS Online Exhibit: "A Place of Reading"

The American Antiquarian Society has launched a very nice new online exhibit, "A Place of Reading." From their introduction: "In highlighting the locations where individuals performed the act of reading in America, through the use of images and objects from the AAS collections, we hope to tell a story. It is not a definitive story by any means, but a story of three centuries' worth of individuals 'caught' in the act of reading in homes, taverns, libraries, military camps, parlors, kitchens, and beds, among other places."

This well-illustrated presentation examines reading in colonial homes and taverns, profiles the private libraries of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson, then highlights the antebellum-era popular press, as well as Civil War-period "reading at the front." A very lovely image bank of reading images (accompanied by a blog for additional submissions) is a great accompaniment.

For background and further info on the exhibit, check out the announcement post at Past Is Present.

Great work! Spend some time browsing through the pages and images - you'll be well rewarded indeed.


Fang Jing said...

Thanks for sharing all the latest news in the world of books, book collecting, and bibliography. There are a few blogs I check out daily, and this is one of them.

JBD said...

You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it!