Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Scott Declines to Take Stand

Raymond Scott has declined to give evidence in his own defense, according to British media reports this morning. Prosecutor Robert Smith told the jury "You are entitled to ask yourself why, had he had an explanation, he has not gone into the witness box and told you what the explanation is. You are entitled therefore to conclude there is no explanation that might sensibly be offered by Raymond Scott, otherwise he would have told you. If there is none, there is only one conclusion, the prosecution say the circumstances he had the folio were dishonest and he knows so."

He added "This is quite a small court room, it is not far to walk from the dock where the defendant is sitting to the witness box, where all the witnesses in the case have stood to give their evidence, facing you. It is plainly a step too far for Mr Scott, for he is unwilling to enter the witness box, take the oath and give evidence in front of you. Of course, he is not obliged to give evidence, no one can compel him to do so and it is his entitlement, if he wishes, to remain where he is, but his unwillingness to enter the witness box carries with it certain consequences."

Yesterday afternoon, the judge told jurors that if Scott declined to appear on the witness stand, they could "draw such inferences as appear proper."

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