Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August "Fine Books Notes"

This month's "Fine Books Notes" is out: It includes a piece by Jason Dickson on young collectors, which plays up some bookseller methods for attracting younger buyers and features some extremely apt comments from Cynthy Davis Buffington (PRB&M). I think she's exactly right when she says "The joy to be derived from book collecting is directly related to the amount of time that’s put into it." And Dickson plays up the wonderful undergraduate collecting contests (capped by the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest) that are a great way to get young collectors thinking about their methods and targeting their efforts.

The newsletter also features Ian McKay's great Sold @ Auction compendium, Stephen Maugan's take on the state of the British book world in "Down and Out in London," and a review of David Howard's Lost Rights, about North Carolina's copy of the original Bill of Rights (I just got this book, and am looking forward to it).

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