Sunday, August 29, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Andrew Pettegree talks to Tom Scocca for the Globe Ideas section, about The Book in the Renaissance and his findings concerning early print culture. Great to see him getting such good coverage for the book and the topic!

- At Wynken de Worde, Sarah discusses how she went about revising a reading list for a course in book history.

- Digitized books from the Bavarian State Library? There's an app for that.

- In the Atlantic, Tim Carmody writes on "10 Reading Revolutions Before E-Books," which is definitely a good read.

- From Booktryst, some helpful hints on how to shop (or how not to shop) at used bookstores.

- In Slate, Jack Shafer examines some early methods for allowing readers to comment on newspaper contents.

- In his latest Dispatch from a Public Librarian, Scott Douglas takes a look at some of the oddest library rules from around the country.

- Open-source games for archival metadata? Explore here. [h/t @dancohen]

- More on the continuing problems of print-on-demand books at ABE. I couldn't agree more with this; it's completely obnoxious to have your want-list emails filled with PODs.

- Speaking of PODs, when I want one I go to Harvard Bookstore and use their Espresso Book Machine, which is the subject of a writeup in the WSJ.

- There's a neat story behind one of Houghton Library's newest acquisitions.

- Lewis & Clark did well at a recent Leslie Hindman auction, with a copy of the first edition of their report fetching $46,360. A 1636 first edition in English of Mercator's atlas made $35,380.


- Craig Child's Finders Keepers; review by George Johnson in the NYTimes.

- Eric Jaffe's The King's Best Highway; review by Joseph Berger in the NYTimes.

- Simon Schama's Scribble, Scribble, Scribble; review by Nicholas Lezard in the Scotsman.

- Nicholas Carr's The Shallows; review by Robert Colville in the Telegraph.

- Tim Banning's The Romantic Revolution; review by Peter Swaab in the Telegraph.

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