Sunday, August 08, 2010

Some Extra Links

I forgot to go through the "Favorites" section on Twitter this morning when I was putting together Links & Reviews, so here's what I'd saved in there this week:

- From The American Scholar, Brenda Wineapple on 19th-century American writers finding their voice. [h/t @TheAmScho]

- The Auckland Museum's interim director has decided to focus on acquisitions, collection maintenance and scholarly research and drop a recent push toward "entertainment." [h/t @museummedia]

- Digital Americanists launched recently, and is worth a look. [h/t @ryancordell]

- Nearly 40 rare books have been stolen from Tbilisi State University in Georgia. Not much more available than that, I'm afraid. [h/t @bookpatrol]

- In today's Times, a review of the Kindle vs. the iPad (what they're calling the specialist vs. the multitasker) [h/t @PublishersWkly]

- You can read papers from the "Decoding the Digital" conference (held at the British Library on 27 July) here. [h/t @RBSInfo]

- A Getty exhibit opening this fall, "Imagining the Past in France, 1250 to 1550" will highlight the heyday of French manuscript illumination in historical texts. [h/t @MedievalArchive]

- And in NetworkWorld, a long interview with Susan Orlean about her use of the iPad (and other techie goodies). [h/t @PublishersWkly]

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