Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Library Rules

After posting this week on the library rules from medieval Paris I remembered I had a copy of the early "Laws of Union College" on my shelf and decided to refresh my memory of the library provisions. This version of the rules was implemented in 1802. It's a bit long, just to warn you, but fairly interesting.

"Chap. VII - Of the Library

Sec. 1. The eldest Tutor, in case of no other appointment, shall be Librarian, and shall be entitled to such compensation as the Trustees shall see fit to allow.

Sec. 2. Every book shall be lettered on the back, and its place on the shelf numbered with gilded figures.

Sec. 3. There shall be an alphabetical catalogue of all the books in the library printed, divided into chapters according to the subjects treated of in the several books; and in each alcove a written catalogue of all the books placed therein.

Sec 4. All donations to the library of the value of one hundred fifty dollars and upwards, shall be placed by themselves, and the names of the donors written over them in large gold letters. The placing of all the books is to be directed by a committee appointed by the Trustees. There shall also be an account kept of the donors of books open to inspection.

Sec. 5. Every book delivered from the library shall have a paper cover on it, which shall be returned undefaced with the book. The Librarian shall keep an account of the person borrowing, and returning, the time of doing it, the title, size, number of pages, and prints or maps, if there be any, of every book, which account shall be signed by the borrower, except where any person (but a student) who is allowed by the laws to borrow books, shall send an order subscribed with his name.

Sec. 6. No books shall be delivered except to the following persons, unless by special permission from the Trustees, viz. The Trustees of the College, all such persons as have made donations of the value of one hundred and fifty dollars, and the Officers of instruction, and all the students belonging to the College.

Sec. 7. The Librarian shall open the library every Friday and Saturday morning, for the purpose of delivering books, and receiving those which have been delivered. The students shall come to the library not more than four at a time when sent for by the Librarian, and shall not enter beyond the Librarian's table, nor shall any student be permitted to take down any book from its place. It shall be the duty of the Freshmen to attend in alphabetical order at the library on the day for delivering books, and to give such notice to the students as the Librarian shall direct.

Sec. 8. All persons who borrow books shall be responsible for the damages done to them, to be estimated by the committee of inspection appointed by the Trustees. The Librarian shall keep an exact account of all damages of books, and exhibit it quarterly to the said committee.

Sec. 9. No student shall take from the library, without special leave from the President, more than one folio at a time, which he may keep six weeks; or one quarto, which he may keep four weeks; or one octavo, which he may keep two weeks; or two duodecimos which me may keep the same time. Every student who shall not return books as this law requires, shall be fined at the discretion of the Librarian, not to exceed twelve cents each week of neglect. The Librarian shall keep a list of all fines by him inflicted, and at the close of each quarter shall deliver it to the Steward to be charged in the College bills.

Sec. 10. No person but a member of the Faculty shall be allowed to receive more than three volumes at the same time; nor shall any person be allowed to detain any book from the library more than three months, on such penalties as the committee of inspection shall see fit to inflict. No Officer of College, except by permission of the Trustees, shall take from the library, or have in his possession at the same time more than twelve volumes.

Sec. 11. No person shall lend to another any book which he has received from the library, nor let it go from under his personal custody, under the penalty of losing the privilege of borrowing for one year.

Sec. 12. All books received by the undergraduates shall be returned to the library the week preceding each vacation, and all books borrowed by others shall be returned the week preceding the commencement.

Sec. 13. No collegiate exercises shall be performed in the library, nor shall a lamp or candle ever be carried into it.

Sec. 14. The second Tutor shall be keeper of the museum, and shall keep by him a list of all the articles in it, and see that they are preserved in good order, for which he shall receive such compensation as the Trustees shall judge adequate.

Sec. 15. Each student shall be charged fifty cents in every session bill for the use of the library."