Monday, May 12, 2008

Authorities Say Comstock Case (Almost) Closed

The investigation into the murder of book collector Rolland Comstock last July may finally be winding up, the Springfield News-Leader (MO) reported over the weekend: "Chief Deputy Jim Arnott said Friday that most of the evidence sent for testing has come back and detectives have narrowed in on 'one or more suspects.'

'We have received several items of forensic evidence that have helped us go in a specific direction,' he said. 'We have narrowed our focus on the investigation and we are proceeding forward. ... We do feel that we're headed the right way ... We believe we have a motive and some physical evidence.'"

The length of the investigation has been largely due to lab-testing of evidence, Arnott said.

Television station KY3 adds that "charges could be filed within a month."