Saturday, January 23, 2010

LEA Updates

Some more recent updates/additions/&c. to the Libraries of Early America:

- I've added a collection of books shipped over to New England with an early group of Massachusetts Bay Colony settlers in April, 1629. We don't know what became of these books (most of which were chosen by Rev. Samuel Skelton), but it's an interesting little grouping.

- The Internet Archive scanners at BPL have been going hog-wild with John Adams books lately - I've added links to the digital versions of more than fifty volumes in the last couple days alone. For any record that has a "Digital Version" link (like this one), you can click through and read John Adams' copy of the book.

- I'm continuing to add medical books to the library of Dr. John Jeffries - a bit of a slog (I'm through 12 pages of the 40-page catalog) but it's progressing.

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