Sunday, March 21, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Ian's cataloging the lost archive of Montague Summers, which is super-exciting. My favorite of his findings, probably not surprisingly, is the mss. of Summers' unpublished play about forger William Henry Ireland.

- Michael Birnbaum writes in the WaPo about historians' concerns with the new Texas state curriculum standards.

- The Henry Miller collection set to sell at PBA Galleries this week was sold by private treaty to "a major American research institution."

- The documents covering the 1774-1776 period in Peter Force's American Archives are now online, thanks to Northern Illinois University Libraries. [h/t Boston1775]

- Art dealer Lawrence Solander pleaded guilty in relation to a $120 million fraud scheme.

- In the NYRB blog, Robert Darnton compares modern blogs to the French libels he covers in his recent book The Devil in the Holy Water.

- A piece in the Drew University student newspaper covers the William John Scott thefts. Rebecca Rego Barry has a post on this case in the FB&C blog too.

- In the NYTimes this week, Patricia Cohen reports on the difficulties archives face in the new digital world, including how to manage writers' computers.

- Paul Collins notes a tour of some abandoned sections of the London Underground.

- Via The Millions, an amazing database of 20th-century bestsellers. [h/t librarythingtim]


- Michael O'Brien's Mrs. Adams in Winter: review by Martin Rubin in the Washington Times.

- Marilyn Johnson's This Book is Overdue!: review by Evelyn Small in the Washington Post.

- E.O. Wilson's Anthill: review by Margaret Atwood in the NYRB.