Sunday, April 10, 2011

Links & Reviews

- The April Fine Books Notes is out!

- From Adam Hooks at Anchora, "Breaking Shakespeare."

- Matthew Battles will speak on "A Brief History of the Spectre of the Internet and the Death of Writing," on 20 April at Harvard's Geological Lecture Hall. Info here.

- Some exciting news from Boston this week: a replica 18th-century printing office will be opening on 15 April, adjacent to Old North Church.

- Writing for The Millions, Rebecca Rego Barry comments on the tenth anniversary of Nicholson Baker's Double Fold.

- There's now an iPad app for Reif Larsen's The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet.

- A single page from a 16th-century Shanameh sold for £7.4m this week at Sotheby's, setting a new record for an Islamic manuscript.

- In The New Yorker, Laura Miller profiles George R.R. Martin.

- John Chalmers noted this morning on ExLibris-L that the first copyright statute took effect 300 years ago today.

- Borders presented a recovery plan to creditors this week, but the NYTimes reports that publishers described the blueprint as "unrealistic."

- Deborah Harkness talks to the LATimes about the inspiration for her new novel A Discovery of Witches.

- A significant collection of Washingtoniana will be going on the auction block (some sold this weekend in New York, more to sell in late May at Heritage in Dallas). Also, the George Washington Papers team is now on Twitter, @PapersofGW.

- Craig Fehrman writes in the Boston Globe about the impact of the Civil War on American literature.


- Richard Buel, Jr.'s Joel Barlow; review by Sam Hasselby in The Guardian.

- Louis Bayard's The School of Night; review by Kathy Blumenstock in the WaPo.