Sunday, June 05, 2011

Links & Reviews

- This month's Fine Books Notes is out: it includes an essay by Christopher Lancette on collecting the Revolution, Jeffrey Murray on comic maps, and Ian McKay on auction sales.

- The June AE Monthly is also up; check it out here.

- Shandy Hall is doing another fascinating exhibit this year, asking artists to deliver a fresh take on Sterne's famous "marbled page" (in honor of its 250th anniversary).

- The Providence City Archivist found the city's original charter (thought lost long ago), in a storage area of the archives. Having researched there briefly, I was utterly unsurprised at this.

- I still have to review this week's auction results, but Swann notes their top results of the week here.

- Mike Widener has mounted a couple new Flickr galleries, including a very interesting one of Lady Justice as depicted in headpieces.

- Carolyn Vega, writing for the Huffington Post, considers Charlotte Brontë's "Catalogue of Books," listing her juvenile writings.

- On the AAS blog, Ashley Cataldo writes about the indispensable provenance work done in the AAS collections by Charles Nichol.


- Jonathan Steinberg's Bismarck: A Life; review by Rebecca K. Morrison in the Independent.

- James Morton's The First Detective; review by Michael Dirda in the Washington Post.

- Umberto Eco's Confessions of a Young Novelist; review by Rebecca Rego Barry in Fine Books Notes.