Sunday, March 04, 2012

Links & Reviews

- In today's NYTimes, a profile of Brewster Kahle's physical counterpart to the Internet Archive.

- Over at The Collation, Sarah Werner follows up with her post on printers' errors with a post on how printers corrected their errors.

- Mike Widener reports that the new issue of Law Library Journal is a tribute to the late Morris L. Cohen, and all of the articles are available for download.

- In today's Sacramento Bee, a look at McSweeney's and how it's found a comfortable niche in today's literary world.

- A new Tumblr is up, devoted to errata lists. Courtesy of @BLClark.

- The Authors Guild and other plaintiffs suing HathiTrust over mass-digitization projects have asked the judge to make a ruling on the defendants' fair use claims. See the AG press release here.

- From The Cataloguer's Desk, a look at executioner James Berry's memoir (naturally, titled
My Experiences As An Executioner). They've also posted a very cool contest: identify all the authors featured on their new catalogue, and explain why one of them is the "odd one out." Prize is a £50 gift certificate. My submission was off by one author, so it's up to someone else now!

- Via Biblioguerilla, a 19th-century "recipe book" for decorated papers.

- The March AE Monthly is out, and there's a new interim issue of Common-place.


- The Morgan Library's new exhibit, In the Company of Animals; reviewed by Edward Rothstein in the NYTimes.

- Kwasi Karteng's Ghosts of Empire; review by Isaac Chotiner in the NYTimes.

- Jonathan Sarna's When General Grant Expelled the Jews; review by Harold Holzer in the WaPo.

- Natalie Dykstra's Clover Adams; review by Brenda Wineaaple in the NYTimes.