Sunday, September 15, 2013

Links & Reviews

- Quite an interesting story this week by Dean Beeby about Library and Archives Canada's ultimately successful attempt to obtain the Sherbrooke Collection at auction this spring. Archivists and others say that LAC could probably have managed to purchase the collection at a much more reasonable price had they actually had funds for acquisitions and been able to act more efficiently.

- New: Annotated Books Online, intended as a digital archive of annotated books from the early modern period.

- An upcoming episode of the History Channel show "Treasures Decoded" will be on the Vinland Map. One of those involved, history professor Richard Raiswell, is featured in a recent article on the show, but the article doesn't make clear what if any new information will be revealed.

- In the NYTimes T Magazine this weekend, a profile of author Peter Ackroyd.

- Anthony Tedeschi is highlighted in the "Bright Young Librarians" series over on the FB&C blog.

- New from Oak Knoll, wood engraver Alexander Anderson's 1793-1799 diary, plus Michael Twyman's A History of Chromolithography. And from W.W. Norton, a full-size, facsimile edition of the Bien Audubon.

- A Charlotte Bronte letter sold for £24,000 at an Edinburgh auction, doubling its estimate.

- At Notabilia, distinctive characteristics of Oxford bindings.

- From Booktryst, some thoughts on selling (or buying) books originally published in parts.

- A look at John Carter and his ABC, at American Book Collecting.


- A. Scott Berg's Wilson; review by Craig Fehrman in the WSJ.

- Alan Taylor's The Internal Enemy; review by Mark Smith in the WSJ.