Saturday, January 08, 2022

Links & Auctions

- Getman's Rare Book & PaperPalooza continues through Sunday 9 January.

- Don't forget to register for upcoming Bibliography Week events sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of America. Some really excellent programming to choose from.

- A long-running publishing industry mystery may finally have come to a conclusion this week with the arrest of a man for wire fraud and identity theft.

- The BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog has an annual update on their digitization efforts.

- Over at Early Modern Female Book Ownership, a copy of John Suckling's Fragmenta Aurea from the library of Anne Coote Boyle, Viscountess Blessington.

- From Peter Kidd at Medieval Manuscripts Provenance, "Arthur Haddaway's Price-Code."

Upcoming Auctions

- Fine Books & Ephemera at New England Book Auctions ends on 11 January.

- Books and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions on 13 January.

- Fine Literature – With the Beats, Bukowski & Counterculture at PBA Galleries on 13 January.