Monday, December 08, 2008

Book Review: "A Lion Among Men"

I keep reading Gregory Maguire's books, and about fifteen pages into each one I start to question why that is. They're mildly interesting, but the newest, A Lion Among Men (William Morrow, 2008), just like its predecessor (Son of a Witch, my review here) consists almost entirely of backstory and reminiscences, rather than any actual events in real time. The occasional flashback is fine, but really, a whole book of them?

Here we find Brrr (we know him better as the Cowardly Lion) on a plea-bargain-mandated mission from the Emerald City to discover the whereabouts of the lost son of Elphaba (Liir) and of the Wicked Witch's spell-book, the Grimmerie. In the course of his investigation he comes to the Cloister of St. Glinda to question the old oracle Yackle. The two engage in a lengthy back-and-back sparring match of flashbacks, in which we learn much more about their pasts than is necessary.

I don't see the point anymore. And I stopped caring a long time ago. No more Maguire for me.

That said, the cover illustration, a portrait of Brrr by Douglas Smith, is absolutely delightful.

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Fashionista Piranha said...

I just got around to reviewing this book last night, and found this review and just had to say that I TOTALLY AGREE OMG WHY WHY WHYY DO I KEEP READING THIS SERIES?

Er. That wasn't very dignified. But honestly, I am so sick of plot threads that aren't resolved and chapter after chapter in which NOTHING HAPPENS.