Sunday, April 05, 2009

Links & Reviews

- At Bookman's Folly, a nice writeup of national book histories published and in-process.

- Paul Collins has the headline of the week: a fascinating story about a typically French sort of protest.

- Duke announced this week that some portion of its library budget will be cut for the coming year.

- Rick Ring's got a great Isaiah Thomas letter to fellow printer John Carter.

- Another exchange in the TLS Letters section, this time over Pat Rogers' essay on Jeremy Thacker published last November (mentioned here). on 18 March, Jonathan Betts and Andrew King respond to Rogers' original piece, and this week Rogers answers their critique.

- The University of Georgia announced plans for a massive new special collections library.

- Publisher-turned-novelist Michael Cox (author of The Meaning of Night) died this week at age 60 after a long battle with a rare form of cancer. Coverage: Guardian, Times.


- In the NYTimes, Claire Tomalin reviews John Guy's A Daughter's Love: Thomas More and his Dearest Meg.

- Virginia Smith reviews The Last Dickens for the Boston Globe.

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