Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marketing Dan Brown

Unless you've been sleeping for the past 36 hours or so you probably already know that Dan Brown's long-awaited Da Vinci Code sequel will be released by Doubleday on 15 September. The Lost Symbol will feature the further adventures of symbologist Robert Langdon, and word is that the entire plot occurs in just twelve hours. According to Allison Flood, "persistent rumours have suggested it will be set in Washington DC and will focus on freemasonry" (but publishing industry insider Ron Hogan suggests that perhaps Freemasonry is out and 2012-Maya-calendar-apocalypse "paranoia" is in).

The publishers have ordered up a five-million-copy first printing of The Solomon Key, the largest initial run in Doubleday/Random House history.

Within hours of the announcement, I had emails from Borders and Barnes & Noble telling me I could pre-order the book, for a 40% discount from the former and a 46% discount from the latter. Amazon hasn't yet emailed me, but they're also offering it at 46% off as of this evening. Funny thing is, they probably wouldn't even need to discount it like that. The book could be awful (and certainly has the potential to be) but people will still buy it. Heck, I'll still buy it.

That's just the way it goes.

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Amanda said...

Even if I had the money to buy new books, I wouldn't buy that one-- I try to vote with my cash, as it were, so books like that and Twilight? I'll read them. But I won't financially support their authors.