Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Week's Acquisitions

- Journey to Mauritius by Bernardin De Saint-Pierre (Interlink Books, 2002). Raven.

- Witchfinders: A Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy by Malcolm Gaskill (Harvard University Press, 2005). HUP.

- Julian P. Boyd: A Bibliographical Record Compiled and Offered by his Friends on the Occasion his Tenth Anniversary as Librarian of Princeton University by P. J. Conkwright (Princeton, s.n., 1950). Carlson & Turner (Portland, ME).

- A Dictionary of the Print Trade in Ireland, 1550-1775 by Robert L. Munter (Fordham University Press, 1988). Carlson & Turner.

- The Diary of Humfrey Wanley 1715-1726 (2v.); edited by C.E. and R.C. Wright (London: Bibliographical Society, 1966). Carlson & Turner.

Abrégé de l'Histoire Ancienne, en Particulier de l'Histoire Grecque, suivi d'un abrégé de la fable, a l'usage des Elèves de l'Ecole Militaire (A Paris: chez le vetore Nyon, Libraire, rue de Jardinet, 1802). Carlson & Turner. Stay tuned. I've more to say about this one!

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