Sunday, August 09, 2009

Links & Reviews

I'm off for a few days beginning this morning, headed home for some family time. Apologies for the slow posting week: playing John Quincy Adams' social secretary-slash-publicist took up a surprising amount of time! (I've posted a roundup of all that madness here).

Also, apologies for the short links & reviews roundup this week. I was pretty well swamped most of the time, so I'm sure I've missed many good links and things. Please feel free to add them in comments if you wish.

- Rick Ring has a possible Franklin book from the PPL collections; I've added a comment to his post about some sources. Rick also posted some thoughts on the Nicholson Baker Kindle article this week.

- Chris has posted some wonderful thoughts (and pictures) about her time at RBS this summer.

- Via LISNews, some children's books that will never (and should never) exist.

- The August Fine Books Notes is out.


- Douglas Brinkley's Wilderness Warrior is reviewed by Jonathan Rosen in the NYTimes.

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