Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Pile of Updates

Well. What a week it's been, and it's only halfway done! A few notes and updates seem to be in order:

First, I'm honored that PhiloBiblos has been included in two new lists of blogs today : L.D. Mitchell's Top 10 Book Blogs (Mitchell blogs at The Private Library), and in the Online School's 100 Best Book Blogs for History Buffs. Thanks for the honor!

Second, some of you may have seen the impressive coverage we've gotten for the John Quincy Adams Twitter project (background here, follow JQA here). The AP picked up the story yesterday (sample article here - it's been, apparently, in several hundred papers around the world), and since then things have been a little intense. I was interviewed for that in the morning, then by the local CBS station in the afternoon (warning: video of me). Our librarian interviewed for the local Fox station. Today I spoke with Robin Young of WBUR's "Here and Now" program (here; warning: audio of me), and with the New York Times (that story should be in tomorrow's paper [update: it's here]). All that's been quite a time - interesting, but utterly exhausting - but it's been really something to see the reaction to JQA's project amongst the Twitterati (and the number of followers: as I type, it's getting close to 5,000!).

Third, (and perhaps more importantly) if you're near Boston, make sure to go and see this year's Shakespeare on the Common production of "The Comedy of Errors." Great fun! It runs through 16 August this year, so don't delay. We went last night, and it proved a brilliant distraction from media-saturation madness. Highly recommended.

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