Monday, August 17, 2009

Map Thief Captured in Spain

Details on this are a little sketchy, but it appears that a 47-year old Hungarian man (currently identified only as "Z.V.") has been arrested in Spain after stealing nearly 70 maps from Spanish libraries and planning a major crime spree to hit other collections in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Police reportedly found that the man had "marked all the libraries he planned to 'visit' on a road map," and so far reports suggest that he wasn't interested in selling the maps, just keeping them for his own collection.

Here's a nasty bit: "The man was prompted to steal historic documents after learning that ten Ptolemaic maps had been stolen from the National Library in Spain in August 2007, believing that if someone else had done it, he could too." In case you're following along, that's the César Gómez Rivero case.

All of the stolen maps were recovered on Friday when the man was arrested, according to media reports.

More as I get it.

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