Sunday, August 30, 2009

Links & Reviews

- In today's New York Daily News, a piece on David Gary's excellent research into the library of Rufus King, now at the N-YHS (a hopefully soon to be included on LT as a Library of Early America). I am quoted in the article as a "skeptic" of Gary's thesis, which I'm certainly not; I think his efforts will be much appreciated among the scholarly community and that we will be able to learn much from the research that he's doing about King in particular and the founding generation in particular.

- From McSweeney's, Hamlet through a Facebook news feed.

- Over at Frognall Dibdin's Shelves, a list of the author's favorite books about books, and at The Private Library, a rundown of histories of the book to include on one's shelves.

- Dominick Donne, prolific author and journalist, has died at age 83.

- In The Scotsman, a short piece on Jonathan Bate's decision to write a Shakespeare biography.

- In the NYTimes today, news that the EU will propose loosening rules on "orphan works" and a broad range of other copyright changes to govern European books.


- At the NYPL blog, Emma Carbone reviews The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.

- Apropos of this week, several new Samuel Johnson biographies and monographs are reviewed by H.J. Jackson in the TLS.

- In the Financial Times, John Sutherland reviews several new books about books.

Book acquisitions to follow; I haven't cataloged them yet.

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