Sunday, August 16, 2009

Links & Reviews

It's amazing how many things accumulate over the course of a week away. I've been spending the weekend playing catch-up, and still have lots to do. But here are a few links and reviews that came across the transom. I'll have more tomorrow on what may be a new case of map theft, our first in a few months.

- Over at Book Hunter's Holiday, Chris asks "What is an antiquarian bookseller, anyway?"

- In the LATimes, Allison Hoover Bartlett has an essay on the market for counterfeit dust jackets.


- Thomas Levenson's Newton and the Counterfeiter is reviewed by Noel Malcolm in The Telegraph.

- In the Christian Science Monitor, Marjorie Kehe reviews Paul Collins' The Book of William.

- David Reynolds reviews Sally Jenkins and John Stauffer's The State of Jones for the NYTimes.

- In the TLS, Alastair Fowler reviews several new books on theatre companies which rivaled Shakespeare's.

- Also in the TLS, Jim Endersby reviews two new volumes of the correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks.

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