Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Crowdsourcing Transcriptions

Some really interesting news from University College London's Bentham Project, which is set to launch the Bentham Papers Transcription Initiative, "a highly innovative and novel attempt to aid in the transcription of Bentham’s work. A digitisation project will provide high quality scans of the papers, whilst an online transcription tool will be developed which will allow volunteers to contribute to the transcription effort: providing a 'crowdsourcing' tool which will be used to manage contributions from the wider audience interested in Bentham’s work, including school students, and amateur historians."

More info here. It will be really fascinating to see how this works, and whether a crowdsourcing model proves workable for other transcription projects.

[h/t: Dan Cohen]

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Ben W. Brumfield said...

There have been a few efforts to crowdsource transcriptions already: special tools like the North American Bird Phenology Program or Herbaria@Home. Less well-developed are free-form manuscript transcription tools. The three of which I'm currently aware are the ProofreadPage MediaWiki plugin, BYU's Historic Journals Project, and my own FromThePage software.