Sunday, February 21, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Descartes was murdered, a German scholar believes. Another scholar believes he's found evidence that Robert Dudley's wife Amy was probably murdered too.

- A new exhibit at Washington & Lee University, "Beyond Text & Image: The Book as Art." The show opens on 25 February.

- And a new exhibit at my alma mater, Union College: "Dickens in America," which will run through early April.

- The French government has purchased the 3,700-page manuscript of Casanova's memoirs. BNF head Bruno Racine said it was "the most important purchase ever made by the library."

- Book Patrol has a new report on the "mummy paper" question.

- A CA paper profiles Auburn collector Bill Ewald, who has almost 700 different editions of Richard Henry Dana's Two Years Before the Mast.

- Voting's now open for the 2009 Diagram Prize (weirdest book title). Go here, and the poll's about halfway down on the left margin. Here's some background on the shortlist.

- The Harry Potter plagiarism claims live on, the Telegraph reports.

- Salon's Jed Lipinski talks to Marilyn Johnson about her new book, This Book is Overdue!

- Writing in the NYRB, Jason Epstein offers some hints into the future of the publishing industry.


- Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall: review by Christopher Hitchens in The Atlantic.

- Perez Zagorin's Hobbes and the Law of Nature: review by Jeffrey Collins in the WSJ.

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