Sunday, February 28, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Historian Henry Snyder has been made an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his work on the English Short-Title Catalogue. The award will be presented this spring at the British Embassy in Washington. [h/t Terry Belanger]

- Over at Bookplate Junkie, Lew Jaffe errs on the side of caution in the face of some serious eBay wishful thinking.

- Bruce Sullivan writes at LISNews about the "Dewey Dilemma" faced by public libraries today.

- Jon Michaud at Book Bench talks to Marilyn Johnson about This Book is Overdue!

- Really awful news out of Virginia, where the legislature has proposed eliminating funding for the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities entirely in 2011.

- Via The Bunburyist, I recommend the Library Company of Philadelphia's exhibit "Philadelphia Gothic" (the link takes you to the very nice online version).


- Louis Menand's The Marketplace of Ideas: review by Anthony Grafton in The New Republic.

- S.J. Parris' Heresy: review by Anna Mundow in the Washington Post.

- Laurie Scheck's A Monster's Notes: review by Miriam Burstein at The Little Professor.

- Clare Clark's Savage Lands: review by Sybil Steinberg in the Washington Post.

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