Thursday, July 27, 2006

Best of Boston

The new "Best of Boston" issue of Boston magazine is out, and I was delighted to find that Commonwealth Books was recognized this year in the "Best Used Bookstore" category. The write-up focuses on our shop in Kenmore Square: "This independent bookstore's inventory might not be as large as the hangar-size Barnes & Noble across the street, but it wins on originality and quirkiness. Recent arrivals include La Bible Mythes et Realities, Bibliography of Islamic Philosophy, and A History of Haiku. Cluttered and cozy, the Comm. Ave. shop welcomes both literati and loiterers and has built up a solid following of crusty bibliophiles. Best of all is the bookshop's aroma: the musty, pungent odor of literary history. Browse the shelves and breathe it in for yourself."

While I think some of our customers might not liked being called "crusty," I know at least a few who'll wear that title proudly. If you're in town, do stop in and see any of the three Boston shops (Boylston, Kenmore, Old South) ... and of course don't forget all the other fabulous used bookshops in town: the Brattle, Booksmith, Raven, Harvard Bookstore - all are winners in my book (no pun intended, of course).