Friday, July 07, 2006

Some New Links

In rambling around the Internet looking for new book-related blogs, I've come across a few of particular interest, and have added links to them on the sidebar. They are:

- Books Found: "A Bookselling Family's Journal ... the books we find, the books that find us, and the little adventures along the way." From the Ashland Book Company.

- Journal: Written by the founder and CEO of Bookfinder, Anirvan Chatterjee. Mainly covers online bookselling.

- eNotes Book Blog: A little bit of everything.

- Off the Shelf: A group book-blog written by the book critics at the Boston Globe. One of my new favorites.

- The Playful Antiquarian: Covers "children’s literature, printing and paper history, rare books, and related topics" from the perspective of a Harvard Law School Library curatorial assistant (and a predecessor of mine at Simmons).

I'm sure I'll be adding more links every week or so; if you have suggestions (or a great blog that I'm missing!) please drop me an email.