Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've added quite a few links to the sidebar, and removed a few blogs which hadn't been updated in months. Here are the new ones (ordered randomly):

- Book Patrol: A Haven for Book Lovers. An excellent blog by Michael Lieberman; Book Patrol was recently picked up (very deservedly) by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

- hugh's blog: Adventures in Entrepreneurism. A reasonably new blog by Hugh Hollowell, who's got some great projects going as well as some really useful posts.

- Cuppa Joad. A blog run by the good folks at alibris. They recently included PhiloBiblos in a post called "Blogs for Bibliophiles to Pore Over" (I'm honored indeed to be lumped with the others in that list!).

- FoggyGates - A Bookish Blog. Forrest Proper of Joslin Hall Rare Books (Northampton, MA) runs this one. I have long enjoyed Joslin Hall's great catalog commentary; this is a great addition.

- Tech Ramblings from the Rare Book Trade. Mainly tech-related, but not entirely. Wonderfully written posts.

- BibliOdyssey. Wonderful illustrations from rare books, and useful accompanying text.

- fade theory. More on books, libraries, &c. Also some reviews.

I've also added the links from the sidebar to a page on (here), mainly so that I can access them all if I'm not at my own computer - but you're welcome to use them as well.